NYCC 2011



Introduced at NY Comicon 2011 at the Onell Design booth (the family at the Onell Design were the first to give me a platform as an artists to showcase my work, their generosity & support have had no limits since I had first known them). A core of four figures from this series introduced me into the indie toy community for the first time. Toysrevil was the first toy-blog that had reviewed my work( I had never even known about toy blogs before then, who’s support I learned and appreciate everyday is what makes it possible for me to gain any attention in this world. All these figures were hand sculpted then molded , casted then painted by me. Different color variations were made through out the year, you can check my shop-site to see what varieties are available.




My creature of folklore, this was my cryptozoological character. The idea was taken from the mythology of the japanese river goblin the Kappa. I learned that in certain cases the Kappa will kidnap a human child and raise it as a kappa, and that eventually the child will transform into a pure kappa creature. My figure Kawako ( which translated to River Child) was representing the in between phase of the human to kappa transformation.



Man-Nie (Manny)

Inspired by the classic He-Man figure Man-E-Faces I created this little guy as a what would he look like without the helmet.




The Ecto-Plasmic Phantom who sole purpose is to “scare” you, he has a forked snake tongue that can bite you then cause you to hallucinate you with your worst fears and nightmares.

Coincidentally Fright-Bite is a coward himself and gets easily frightened by many things.



Turtle Tetsujin

My champion, my giant robot powered by a sleeping “alien” baby. He was a fan-favorite in these years and we got to see many versions of him. Some were made to raise money for the Japan Tsunami/Earthquake relief, while others celebrated the geekness of Marvel superhero movies. Fans still ask when he will return.