NY Comicon 2013

So here’s the newest stuff that debuted at New York Comicon 2013. All sculpts were done by me in 3D modeling & them molded,casted & painted by me in my studio-space in Brooklyn. Here’s some quick shots: Mogu Tank ( Mole Tank ) IMG_4535

He’s a big Mole Kaiju from the earth’s core caverns rescued and recruited into the Earth Defense Army. He has been refitted with a cybernetic drill nose and is carried by a tank tread, radio controlled by the soldiers. He doesn’t drive. Actually all he mostly does is eat and sleep. The Army has a hard time putting him into action because they’re never sure if he’ll be awake to perform the task needed at those crucial moments. Nevertheless he is a strong and powerful ally against the invading Space Army!


Tako Terrians


“I was inspired by the Covenant Grunts from the video game Halo (which I play religiously with my friends on Fringe Friday nights). Small & tough but not too bright they are commonly used as cannon fodder in battles. They are more dangerous in numbers, large numbers.”  These variations show them without there cube armor on” . To see the Takos in their alternate form click HERE

Army Jacks


Showing support for our Mole-Tank are the Army-Jacks. They are armed with the task of escorting Mogu-Tank via remote control to the target locations. They are each armed with a flame thrower to protect themselves from any alien invaders during this task.”

You can find these & many more hand-made toys on my web-shop peterkatoshop.com